Thai Herbal Compress Ball

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Description :            Herbal Compress ball (100% Natural Thai Herb)
Country of Origin:       Thailand
Condition :                New
Quantity :                1 pc 
Net weight :                   200 gm
Size :                       100 x 150 mm (Approx.)
Ingredients:                  Zingiber, Cassumunar, Tumeric, Citronella, Aromatica, Salisb, Galangal, Patchouli, Chinnamomum, Tamarind Leaves,
Demis Scandens Benth, Calamus,Root, Cryptolopis Buchanani Roem
How to use :        
-Sprinkle water on herbals ball
-Put in pot and steaming for put into microwave for 3 minutes and then move it and cool untill it can be safety spplied to skin.
-Bring herbals ball to massage on area of body that you want to. Press and massage clockwise 1 while press and massage by herbals ball, 
 Should be do it softly.
-After use leave herbals ball to dry by natural, put into plastic bag and place in refrigetator. It will keep Herbals ball longer time. 
Thai Herbal Massage Ball is composed of over 12 types of herbs for body massage in order to relieve muscles after working helpingalleviate intumesce, inflammation and bruised symptom, and reducing contraction for muscle extensibility in order to alleviate bone joint lockwhich is the cause of pains and to help increase blood circulation for relieved feeling.