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What should I do after a deep tissue massage?

After your deep tissue massage, you’ll want to ensure you feel the full benefits and maximise your gains. It can be helpful to:

  • Rest: After an intense massage session designed to relax your mind and body, the best thing to do is help yourself stay relaxed. Whether it’s having a nap or just putting your feet up in front of the telly, let yourself feel the effects of your deep tissue massage. Try and wait for at least 24 hours before any intense physical activity
  • Eat and drink – but keep it light: While you should ideally avoid eating or drinking too much before the massage, afterwards you should definitely hydrate yourself. It’s also normal to feel peckish after a massage, so a light and nutritious meal can really hit the spot
  • Have a bath: Nothing aids the relaxation process quite like a warm bath – and if you’re feeling it, treat yourself to some bubbles or a bath bomb to really indulge yourself. However you should avoid a hot bath or shower as this can aggravate inflammation. If you have an injury, it’s better to take a cold shower or bath for pain relief.
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